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  • THE ESTIMATOR quantifies the building materials required for your project.
  • THE ESTIMATOR is a specialist and independent building material estimating company with 15 years experience in residential and light commercial buildings.
  • We quantify materials from the footing to the rooftop. Accuracy is paramount.
  • We take the guesswork out of building material quantities. Be sure what materials you need for your project. You can expect accurate material quantities as we have qualified Quantity Surveyors, Architectural draftsmen and Builders on our staff.
  • We are the next step once your plans have been drawn.
  • One set of quantities gives you an “apples with applesprice comparison of the building material you require.
  • Under certain conditions this service is free. Enquire at your Estimator.
  • THE ESTIMATOR accepts a job in any format; email; post or courier your plan to us.
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