THE ESTIMATOR quantifies the building materials required for your project.


THE ESTIMATOR is a New Zealand Franchise specialising in independent and accurate building material quantities of both Residential and Light Commercial buildings with 15 years experience.


All major Building Merchants have used THE ESTIMATOR in the past 15 years

and our franchises are doing 100s of plans per month.

Renowned for accuracy, quick turn-around time, independent and cost effective service.

Among THE ESTIMATOR team are qualified Quantity Surveyors, Architectural draftsmen and Builders enabling us to supply the best possible service.

Our service is similar to quantity surveying and we supply building material quantities from the footing to the rooftop. We supply our list of quantities to the merchant(s) of your choice who add their prices and create a quote for you.


Our accuracy is backed by our Estimator's Experienced Team.

Builders, roofers, tilers, painters, plasterers and handymen…..this is for you! Do what you do best and let us do what we do best, saving you time and money.

New home owners…..this is for you! Give us your plan and we will supply you with the list of building material(s) you need for your project.

THE ESTIMATOR costs are reasonable and may even be free of charge; just enquire at your ESTIMATOR.



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